Student Research

Digital Image Processing 2003

Adam Demars-Niagra Escarpment/Ohio Landsat

Christina Stevens - Remote Detection of Urban sprawl in Perrysburg, OH.

Dee Hechler - Ice in Lake Erie

Joe Haines - Snow Coverage Identification Using The GOES Satellite Imagery.

John Rademacher-

Nathan Torbick- Wetlands Investigation Utilizing Remote Sensing Technology Download Presentation as a Powerpoint (.ppt) or Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf)

Ryan Chapin - Visualization of Urban Spaces Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Srikanth Palem -Turbidity in Western Lake Erie

Verl Luse- Identifying Urban Sprawl Columbus, OH

Digital Image Processing 2004

Kari Gerwin-Detection of Vegetation Changes Using Landsat 7 NDVI: Nyando River Basin Kenya, East Africa

Ling Yao- Estimation of Ice Thickness on Lake Erie Using Landsat ETM+ and Meteorological Data

Jason Witter- Deriving a TVDI from Landsat 5 Imagery for the Oak Openings Region of Northewest Ohio

Qinglin Li- Estimating Aboveground Living Forests Carbon Storage--Remote Sensing Approach

Samir Dhar- Land Use Classification of Lucus County

Kevin Navarre- Routing the Transcontinental Railroad

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