The faculty and staff at UTView, along with OhioView, are committed to education and research, focusing on the use of remote sensing. UTView works with talented students throughout the state and the country.

•Summer Teacher Workshops
Summer Teacher Workshop and Observation Program.
Global Change and Remote Sensing.

•Research for Undergraduates
Funded summer research opportunity for undergraduate students.
This is our fourth year of this NSF program.

Observing Earth from Space.

Class Information:

Digital Image Analysis
Geography and Planning 4500/5550

This is the follow on class for Environmental Remote Sensing. This class will focus on the tools and data involved with digitalMAGINE, ArcView Image Analyst and Multispec.

Environmental Remote Sensing
Geography and Planning 4490/5490

This is an introduction to the prinhe class concerns include an introduction of the energy, devices, and processing required to extract information from remotely sensed imagery

Analytical and Computer Cartography
Geography and Planning 4520/5520

This class introduces the student to the practical and applied of digital cartography. Using historical and computer assisted cartographic method the student will take away a valuable skill for application in employment and research.

K-12 Student Observation Program: