Analytical and Computer Cartography


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Day 1. History

Day 2. Nature of Cartography

Day 3 Geodesy

Day 4 Coordinates and Scale

Day 5 Projections

Day 6 Projections Cont'd

Review Presentation

Day 7 Data and Data Collection

Day 8 Statistics and Data

Day 9 Generalization

Day10 Dot Maps

Day 11 Map Design

Day 12 Design Cont'd

Day 14 Isolines

Day 16 Getting the Map Out

Final Exam 12:30 Friday in 4560.
Study the Chapters below. You will need to critique a map made for the test. Good luck
Geocoding Instructions for ArcView
Assignments (PDF)

Assignment 1 (Jan 16)
Assignment 2 (Jan 29)
Assignment 3 (Feb 3)
Assignment 4 (Feb 17)
Assignment 5 (Mar 4)
Diagnostic test 1 (Mar 2)
Assignment 6 (Mar 11)
Assignment 7 (Mar18)
Assignment 6A (Mar 25)
Assignment 8 (Apr 15)
Assignment 9-10 (May 7)


Links to search

How the internet works

Good Turtorial ArcIMS

Good Projection discussion

Data Levels

Fed Stats Clearinghouse

A good Statistics Review

Geographic Community

History of Cartography

Ancient Maps

Another History out of Raisz

Another History Site

NGS faq

Map mathematics

Globe Gallery

Tiger Census Files

Tiger ESRI Site


Chapter 26 (Apr 8)

Chapter 30 (Apr 15)

Chapter 31 (Apr 15)

Class movie.

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